Arvind Kejriwal's Biography

The popular socialist Arvind Kejrival was born in Hiasr which is located in the...btn


Arvind Kejriwal's Career

Arvind Kejrival was graduated from the IIT Khargapur and after completing...btn

Jan Lokpal Bill

About the Jan Lokpal Bill

The Jan Lokpal Bill was the part to improve the working of government official in the...btn

Jan Lokpal Bill

About Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejrival is the social worker who is fighting against the corruption in the India under the banner of India Against Corruption. Prior to this, he was the Indian Revenue Officer and later on after resigning from his post he joined this movement against the corrupted politics of the country. 

Arvind was also awarded by Ramon Magasaysay Award in the field of Emergent Leadership and he received it in year 2006. he was awarded it because he enlightened the Right to Information movement from the high class people to the grassroots for the people of backward class or those who are poor so that they may ask some question fro their sake from the government and to fight corruption as well. He was also the fellow at various other movements and also fought for the sake of people. He was with Anna Hazare in the hunger strike in Delhi in 2011 where they pushed the government of central to put Lokpal Bill in action.

Right to Information

Arvind Kejrival joined the hands with Aruna Roy and various other social activists and campaigned for the Right to Information Act. This became the silent movement in other parts of the country and under pressure; the Delhi Right to Information Act was made in 2001. After the passing of this act, the Indian Parliament passed the RTI in the year 2005. Later on, he was busy in making the RTI compulsory in all parts of the country.